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  • Do Business Where Business Is Done - Reach Customers Ready to Do Business — We Target Right Students to Make A Strong Online Education Reputation & generate plenty of leads for your business through online and offline marketing campaigns. Lead Generation Services are the procedure & technique of sorting targeted leads through running & managing to campaigns on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Wing, MSN and others via some selected media.


— » To make your business established in Digital Education World , its important element that you're up-to-date with the digital marketing technologies that are being used in current Education Industry. As we all know the time is being changed. The way of business formation is totally transformed. — »

Establish Your Brand with OMG India and Increase Enrolments

It's very important for Education providers that they must have a brand image to attract maximum number of students to their college. Because as we are going through the market and it is clear visual that there are too much competition in Education Industry. So this should be the first priority for school, college, university and other education provider, that they have a powerful impact on student at first sight.

Expand Brand Reach - Promote UR Business Via Digital Marketing

It's high time for Education providers to promote their businesses via Digital marketing and should avoid tradition marketing as much as they can. Because if you go through DIGITAL, you will get the quality result and also can save lot of money and time that you can spend on college' online reputation. So go beyond the digital marketing and get the maximum ROI for your business.

Target Right Students Make A Strong Online Education Reputation

Now it has become the obligation that Education providers must have very well online reputation. As the time is being changed, students are connection online and finding all information about college and university from internet. So if someone has the strong online reputation, they could be the top priority for students. And it makes easy for students to know more about you organization.


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Digital Marketing Services » That we use for Education Marketing & Branding — »

Google AdWords

Target audiences, Generate leads, drive website traffic, Grow your education business and build brand awareness with Google Ads.

Search Advertising

With billions of searches per day on Google, you can use Search ads to make sure potential customers notice your brand.

Display Advertising
Display ads can help your business build brand awareness, increase brand loyalty by connecting with your target audience.

Behavioral Re-targeting
Behavioral targeting is a marketing method that uses web user information to strengthen advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization — SEO

Be on the first page on Google ! Only having a WEBSITE is not enough, until your Target Audience will come know about what your company do.

Social Media
Marketing — SMM

SMM - Start Advertising on Social Media Today. Build Brand Awareness, Creating & Sharing Content & Engaging Your Audience.

Search Engine Marketing — SEM

OMG INDIA is a leading Search Engine Marketing Agency in India as well as overseas offers a wide range SEM services for your website promotion.

Online Reputation Management — ORM

Online reputation marketing involves promoting positive and desirable content and also controlling the content and information.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads.

Mobile Advertising

It Delivers Relevant Messages in Real-Time. If it's a holistic ads strategy you're looking for, mobile ads can help with that, too.

Video Advertising
It encompasses online display ads that have video within them, but it is generally accepted that it refers to advertising that occurs.

Creative Designing
A creative design is basically a design that fulfils the objective it was created for - Like logos, brochures, i Cards, newsletters,

Social Media Optimization — SMO

OMG India makes your brand interactive, communicating, attractive & engaging on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing is being used by more than 45,000 businesses to Create, Send & Track Campaigns Statistic to Get Qualified CUSTOMERS everyday.

LinkedIn Marketing Solution
LinkedIn marketing solutions allow advertisers to select specific characteristics to help them reach their ideal audience. The ads you see on LinkedIn are then targeted.

Facebook / Instagram Advertising
If your business is not present on social media, you are losing the chance to build strong bonding with the audience who matter most for your products & Services.


Why OVIA India » for Education Lead Generation & Branding »

Digital Marketing Increases the Brand Awareness & Reach Targeted Audience

Digital Marketing is the Best Possibility to Get Better ROI for Business Growth

Digital Marketing Can Save You A Lot of Money in Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Empowers Real-Time Customer Service via Specific Campaigns

Digital Marketing Provides Analysis of Consumer Behaviour and Engagement

Digital Marketing Indorses Your Marketing Activities to the Right Consumers Only


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